Sunday, September 18, 2011

Andie & Brady Quotes: Aug - Sept 2011

Naturally, as the kids are getting older the conversations are definitely getting to be more interesting. Sometimes one of them will say something and Cameron and I will just look at each other and start laughing.Everyday is a new adventure with these two!

B: "Mommy, why did Daddy marry you?"
Me: "because he loves me."
B: "That's why I married Andie."

Brady bonked me in the face-
Me: "Ow, I think you just broke my nose."
B: "Oh let me see, (he wiggles my nose). Welp, it doesn't come off, I don't think it's broken."

B: "Mommy kiss my eyeball."

B: "Mom I want to get on your bed and do a trick."
Me: "No, that's dangerous."
B: "Mom, make a choice."

B: "What do bad guys look like?"
A: "They were a black and white striped shirt, a mask, and a hat."

 A: "We need a milkman. Do you know what a milkman is? They always wear a bill hat and a white suit."

Andie fell and hurt her knee pretty bad, she hobbled to me crying: "I need a doctor. I broke my leg and I can't walk." After a few minutes of waiting for our Dr friend to finish up dinner, she looks up at me worried, "does this mean I am going to be in bed for a few days?"

A: "What kind of cereal is the toasted tiny little bread?"
Me: "Cinnamon Toast Crunch?"
A: "Yeah, that's what I want for breakfast!"

The kids talking in bed many hours past bedtime-
A: "Brady, we are going to stay up all night."
B: "why?"
A: "because, we are nocturnal, like bats."

Karen to Andie-
K: "You sure are nice to share a sucker with your brother Andie."
A: "How come old people call lollipops suckers?"

A: "My favorite exercise is running.
B: "My favorite exercise is football"
A: "Football is great exercise Brady!"

Brady to Cameron: "You are a really cranky man!"

Brady to me (said with a lisp): "You said it girl!"

Andie to Cam: "Who's playing football?"
C: "The Buffalo's."
Brady running from the other room: "The Buffalo's are playing? Oh goody!"

I was in the middle of doing my nails when Brady comes into me crying-
Me: "What's the matter Brady?"
B: "My nails don't look cute. I need them painted."

Brady's phrase of choice: "Oh brat feathers!"
I was doing lots of de-cluttering and deep cleaning and I asked Andie to put her shoes away-
A: "Ugh, why do I always have to do chores?"
Me: "Why do I always have to clean every one's messes? I didn't make them."
A: "Because you are nice mom."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Andie & Brady Quotes: July 2011

B: "Mom, you always call my name Braid."
Me: "Yeah, Braid. You don't like it?"
B: "No I don't."
Me: "Then what would you like me to call you?"
B: "Call me Bread. Bread."

Andie was in the room while I was changing: "Oh mommy, your tummy is getting small just like grandpa's!"

A: "Only Jaden's dad shoots bad guys."
Cam: "Yes because he is a police officer."
A: "...and he has a really nice car!"

Me: "Andie, how was the movie? Tell me about it."
A: "all the action and stuff was so cool! It was action the whole way!"

B: "If we have a baby boy one day, can we name him Buttpirate?"

A: "hey Brady, happy 4th of July!"
B: "Thanks, am I free now?"

Cam: "well you are a water balloon!"
A: "No I'm not! Do I look all blowed up? NO!"

A: "I can't sleep. I'm trying to but my body keeps telling me it's time to play!"

B: "Why do people have hair?"
Me: "I don't know."
B: "It's to keep their head warm...from the air."

B: "what is his name? (talking about a toy guy)"
Me: "I don't know."
B: "Ok, I will name him....Joey. That's a good name for a kid!"

B: "what's this song called?"
Me: "Crocodile Rock."
B: "Oh I looooooooove crocodiles!"

B is in his room yelling/ panicking/ crying calling for his binky. "Binky....binky....biiiiinky!"
Cam: "quit calling it, it's not going to come to you. You have to find it."

B: "Where do the bums live?"
A: "They live in different places, like the bathroom or the trash cans..." (Long story as to why they are talking about the homeless, but I will tell you, they are now experts!")

B: "oh, you know what? all of us here came from some tummys!" (it just dawned on him while we were all hanging out)

B: (looks down at his shorts in surprise and points) "Oh my wiener is in there!"
Cam: "Oh it is?"
B: "yeah cause it just growed up. It just growed up...on my body!"

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Andie & Brady Quotes

I don't have too many this time around since I have been kind of slacking when it comes to writing things down...

B: "Dad wont help me put on my shoes cause he's being a stinker bum!" (it was 8:15pm)

B: "I can't get this stinkin' shoe on!"

B: (to a boy at the park) "You can play with me, I'm very nice. I'm a nice kid!"

A: "Brady is obsessed with farts huh?"
Me: "yeah he is"
A: "why is this happening to him?"
Me: "because he's a boy and boys are gross."
A: "Ugh, they are so disgusting!"
Me: "Yes, yes they are."

Brady got drilled in the throat with a football, he came to me crying and I said: "Oh, you're a man, you can handle it. That's what happens to me football players."
B: "I don't wanna be a man, I a kid!"

Cameron and I were talking about pink eye and Brady said: "last time, I ran into a wall I got blue eye."

Andie took off her goggles and said: "mom, you've GOT to see me eyes."
Me: "Oh cool."
A: "Do you get it? they're goggle shaped!"

Me talking on the phone to Andie while I was out of town: "What can I bring you back from my trip?"
A: "Um, we want a pet."
Me: "What kind?"
A: "A monkey for me and a giraffe for Brady...real ones."
Me: "I can't bring you back real ones but I will bring back stuffed ones."
A: "Well don't they have a pet store there?!"

B: "mom how about this outfit?"
Me: "no, it doesn't match."
B: "but it IS appropriate."

B: "I really liked that movie, it gave me a laughy head!"

B: "I'm gonna fart my toots out."

A: "what's a haircut?"
Grandma: "what's a haircut Andie?"
A: "Ummm, I don't know."
Me: "Uh you should know, you just gave yourself one remember?!"

Andie is learning how to tie her shoes. She uses this little ditty to remember: "one little loop what do you do, wrap the lace around and pull it through. Now you have a bow and you tied your shoe." It's really helping.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Haircut Saga

Did you hear, Andie decided to CUT HER HAIR, when I was OUT OF TOWN, because it was GETTING IN HER EYES!
I was in San Francisco with my sisters + having a great time and Daddy stayed home and took care of the kids (more on this later). Cameron made it almost 5 whole days accident free, almost. The night before I was to return home Cameron called me laughing, "you are never going to believe what Andie just did." I was standing there thinking, "oh how bad can it be?" A minute later I would come to regret that thought. Cameron continued, "she cut her hair!" "Shut up," I said. "You are totally joking right? Tell me you are joking." "Nope, get on Skype and take a look for yourself." OMG! It was so bad!
Cameron gave me a run down on what happened: "Andie was in our bathroom using it. She was in there a while (which, for certain 'chores' she tends to take her time). She came out of the bathroom, dressed as a boy and with a Mr. Potatohead mustache on her face, bowed down saying 'you may call me Sir.' I stared at her thinking she parted her hair weird and it took me a sec to realize she cut it. I started dying with laughter and finally said, your mom is gonna kill you!"
While on Skype the first thing I said to her was, "Andie, what were you thinking?!?" to which she replied through tears, "that it will grow back." Thank goodness we were going to see her tomorrow and Whitney can cut hair! Just by looking at it I knew immediately it was going to become a very short pixie.
It's been 9 days and I am starting to get the hang of styling this short of hair. It is still very short up front which makes it harder. Of course, Andie loves the new cut, she said it's because she doesn't get tangles. But she doesn't like when strangers refer to her as a boy (this did happen at Costco, a man said, "two boys?" "Nope, a boy and a girl who cut her own hair" I said back) or when it comes time to get her hair done, because we have to blow dry it, her least favorite thing. Every time she gets upset about one of these things I always remind her that that's what happens when you cut your own hair.

 The damage
 Once it came time for the real cut, I explained to her that she would have Peter Pan hair...she wasn't thrilled with that reality.
 The after
 Another after. We had to cut a little more after this picture to blend it on the sides.
After Mommy styled it a few days later. I am getting a little better.

Like Andie said, it will grow back...eventually!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Couponing to the Extreme...

I am ALL for saving money. I, as do many others, consider myself to to be a very thrifty shopper. I am by no means a full price girl, and like anyone I can appreciate a great deal. I watched that show Extreme Couponing last night for the first time and it was fascinating to say the least. However, I was also rubbed the wrong way by how these people stockpile stuff that some of them admit they will never use. Just because it's free doesn't mean you have to grab it. I have done enough deal grabbing to know that some items you have to buy a certain amount to get the deal, but 1,000's of boxes of toothpaste that you couldn't use in one lifetime let alone before they expire is just ridiculous, as is enough diapers to last a baby until they are potty trained when you don't even have a child. It's silly not to mention a waste of space. I do believe that the man with the toothpaste was putting some of them into care packages for the military which is great, but the woman with the diapers, she said she was holding onto them for when she does have a baby. How about stopping by a women's shelter and donating them to people who know they will use them. It's not like it's a loss in money for her, she didn't pay for them.  If you do grab the freebie and don't plan on using it, at least give it away to someone who can. Maybe it's the little voice in my head that loves to tell me to chuck all things that aren't being used and creating clutter in my life, it's the sense in me.
I do think it's amazing that these people have the patience and time to save their families so much money, I admire it. I've tried the couponing thing, I had big dreams of getting up to the cash register and the checker giving ME money back because I was so amazing at couponing, but alas that was not my calling in life, not yet. I don't have the time or the patience to become "extreme" and I'm okay with that. Who knows, maybe one day I will get the itch to try it out again. We'll see!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are we normal?

Am I the only person who has ever had a child throw a fit in public? I know that I'm not, but yet, when my child does it, it's all eyes on me. Do the shoppers in the store think I can't hear their comments as I walk past them? I am not deaf, I just have a child screaming because he has not gotten what he asked for.

Yesterday, Brady went into Target with the idea that he was getting a baseball helmet. I did not tell him that we would buy one, he wanted it because he had seen another boy with one earlier in the day. As we walked through the store to get the few items I had on my list, Brady continued to ask for the helmet. I reminded him that we came in to get a few things that we needed and the helmet was not one of them. I avoided the isle that has the baseball gear like the plague. We made it through most of the store and as we were finishing up I said we were going to check out. All hell broke lose. Brady once again asked about the helmet and I responded with a firm "no". He went into full tantrum mode.

I quickly made my way to the front of the store. I could see the older snobby women sneering at me, the younger mom's smiling with a sympathetic and understanding look on their face, the men shaking their heads, and the young children staring. As we were checking out, the checker was looking at Brady then to me then back to Brady waiting to see what I was going to do about him. My child was letting out the most awful blood curdling scream like he had just broken all him limbs and a customer in isle next to me was looking at Brady and then to me in horror. Oh the horror! Gasp! a child is screaming, his mother must have beaten the crap out of him for someone to scream like that. It must be child abuse. Why else would a child scream like that? Certainly one doesn't throw such a fit after being told no! Despite all the dirty looks and staring, I managed to keep a smile on my face while making my way out of the store.

I have never experienced such a shocked reaction to a child throwing a fit in public. When we lived in Utah, no one even gave the screaming child a second look, they could care less. I am pretty sure their first reaction wasn't that the child was beaten either. Here, everyone seems to assume the worst. They look at you with horror, shock, and disgust. I have seen countless times, mothers buying their child whatever it is they asked for after they told them "no" once the child started screaming. If I did that I would be broke.

This is only the second huge outburst I've had with Brady in public, and I am sure it wont be our last. People need to learn that small children, especially in the 2-4 range, throw tantrums in public occasionally and they do it for the attention. Quit giving it to them, ignore it and keep your obviously unappreciated comments to yourselves. Yes, I'm talking to you middle aged women dressed for the ball and dripping in diamonds, I heard you say, "just give him what he wants," I hope your children are the worlds biggest brats. And you, apparently single and without children sir, asking your friend, "what did she do to him?" He was a overly tired 2 year old who just got told "no", a fit fueled by the attention of strangers is just what the doctor ordered.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Currently my kids are outside measuring their toys to see how tall they have grown. They are so cute. They both need a bath in the worst way from their afternoon of playing in the dirt yesterday, but after a week of constant fighting they are finally playing together and I am enjoying the peace for a moment. We'll see how long it lasts and then it will be nap time.