Sunday, September 18, 2011

Andie & Brady Quotes: Aug - Sept 2011

Naturally, as the kids are getting older the conversations are definitely getting to be more interesting. Sometimes one of them will say something and Cameron and I will just look at each other and start laughing.Everyday is a new adventure with these two!

B: "Mommy, why did Daddy marry you?"
Me: "because he loves me."
B: "That's why I married Andie."

Brady bonked me in the face-
Me: "Ow, I think you just broke my nose."
B: "Oh let me see, (he wiggles my nose). Welp, it doesn't come off, I don't think it's broken."

B: "Mommy kiss my eyeball."

B: "Mom I want to get on your bed and do a trick."
Me: "No, that's dangerous."
B: "Mom, make a choice."

B: "What do bad guys look like?"
A: "They were a black and white striped shirt, a mask, and a hat."

 A: "We need a milkman. Do you know what a milkman is? They always wear a bill hat and a white suit."

Andie fell and hurt her knee pretty bad, she hobbled to me crying: "I need a doctor. I broke my leg and I can't walk." After a few minutes of waiting for our Dr friend to finish up dinner, she looks up at me worried, "does this mean I am going to be in bed for a few days?"

A: "What kind of cereal is the toasted tiny little bread?"
Me: "Cinnamon Toast Crunch?"
A: "Yeah, that's what I want for breakfast!"

The kids talking in bed many hours past bedtime-
A: "Brady, we are going to stay up all night."
B: "why?"
A: "because, we are nocturnal, like bats."

Karen to Andie-
K: "You sure are nice to share a sucker with your brother Andie."
A: "How come old people call lollipops suckers?"

A: "My favorite exercise is running.
B: "My favorite exercise is football"
A: "Football is great exercise Brady!"

Brady to Cameron: "You are a really cranky man!"

Brady to me (said with a lisp): "You said it girl!"

Andie to Cam: "Who's playing football?"
C: "The Buffalo's."
Brady running from the other room: "The Buffalo's are playing? Oh goody!"

I was in the middle of doing my nails when Brady comes into me crying-
Me: "What's the matter Brady?"
B: "My nails don't look cute. I need them painted."

Brady's phrase of choice: "Oh brat feathers!"
I was doing lots of de-cluttering and deep cleaning and I asked Andie to put her shoes away-
A: "Ugh, why do I always have to do chores?"
Me: "Why do I always have to clean every one's messes? I didn't make them."
A: "Because you are nice mom."

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